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McDonald's Coffee

Out here on the East Coast, we have Dunkin Donuts. It sorta fits the personality of us Yankees. Solid coffee that hits you between the eyes with that caffeine and sugar blast. Flavor? Who needs flavor when it's below zero?

Out there on the West Coast, folks have that fancy, nose-in-air Starbucks. Dark roasted coffee? With flavor? What's up with that?

Well, what's up with that is they are making major inroads into New England. There's lots of Starbucks these days.

I secretly love and have bought (for years) Green Mountain Roasters coffee. It's an arabica coffee, and it's good. Really good. It was cheap as well - all the Mobil stations carried it. It has nostalgia. Audrey and I drank it on the way up and on the way back from our first long weekend date when we drove the five hours to Montreal and uh, stayed in our room a lot of the weekend.

Along comes McDonalds with an organic, Newman's Own, Green Mountain coffee. Dang! It's like Starbucks but it's Green Mountain. It's Newman's Own! Wait, it's organic. It's more expensive than the straight GM, but cheaper than DD and Starbucks. (But none of the gas stations carry Green Mountain any more anyway. Wah.)

The stuff tastes great!

Dunkin Donuts is more convenient than any other coffee place on my way to work. Guess what. I haven't been stopping there any more. I feel like I'm forgetting about an old friend now....
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